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Wellness: Vitamin D – Thyroid Screening Test – Food Sensitivity Test – Weight Loss – Colorectal Cancer Screening – Diabetes – Cholesterol and Lipids test – Metabolism Test – Heart Health Test – Inflammation Test – Adrenal Stress Test – Skin Vitality – Sleep + Stress – Anti-Aging – Fitness Test

Health: Perimenopause Test – Postmenopause Test – The At Home Women’s Health + Fertility – The At Home Men’s Health test measures Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA, and Estradiol levels.

STDs: 8 panel home STD test – 14 panel STD test – the most comprehensive test ever.

Toxicology: Heavy Metals (toxic metals in the environment) – 5-Panel Drug Test – 10-Panel Drug Test (ten common legal and illegal drugs a person has taken)